Deals for Maldives Honeymoon Vacations and Tours

What the best Deals for Maldives Honeymoon Vacations and Tours 

Honeymoon Vacations and Tours Nestled in the lap of the Indian Ocean, Maldives is one of the most romantic honeymoon spots on earth. Themesmerizingpanorama of the bluest sky reflecting over the large expanse of turquoise waters and the swaying palm trees across the pristine sea beaches attract thousands of honeymooners from all over the world to Maldives. A paradise on earth, Maldives is perfect for the couples to soak up in the sun with feets under the warm water, walk hand in hand along the glittering white sand beaches and watch the glorious sun change its hue from orange to crimson.

Privacy of the thousand Maldivian islands scattered over the ocean, relaxation of the serene sea beaches, adventure of various water sports, spectacular view of the beautiful lagoons and revitalizing aquamarine lives, Maldives have them all to kick-start your married life and convert your honeymoon tour to the one which cannot be forgotten till eternity

Explore the packages for Maldives Honeymoon vacation and tours, check what their best deals include and book the best honeymoon tour package to live the dream of exhilarating honeymoon with the love of your life.

We have listed below the best deals that the Honeymoon Vacations and Tours to Maldives should include.

Stay in luxurious overwater bungalow resorts and private bungalows

 Staying in water villas of Maldives is a dream for the honeymoon couples.The Maldives has over 75 different private island resorts that feature water villas and overwater bungalows.

These water villas have the private glass floor room to admire the rich aquatic life and luxurious water pools on the terrace to spend a laid-back moment with your loved ones. Villas also provide the private water sports and other activities to the couples along with the option to avail the most rejuvenating couple spas.The relaxing rubdown in the open air facing the beautiful sea, the spa will leave the couples with the tantalizing experience that can never be forgotten in the entire lifetime.

Snorkel in the sea

Blessed with the most vibrant and exquisite marine lives, Maldives provide the breathtaking experience to the couples who plunge into the crystal clear water to catch a glimpse of the beautiful collar reefs, colorful fishes, cute turtles and bottlenose dolphins. There are about thousands of diving sites in Maldives where the couples can snorkel and scuba dive to spend the most romantic time together amidst the lively sea creatures.

Explore the islands

Maldives has thousands of beautiful and secluded islands scattered over the ocean to provide the best of honeymoon experience to the couples who yearn for the private time on the beach with just the two of them.These islands have many luxurious resorts and pristine sea beaches where the couples can indulge in exciting water sports, lay back to enjoy the powdery sand of the serene sea beaches, watch the enormous wave moisten them and adore the magnificent sun mellow down in the horizon.

The couples can spend very intimate evenings in these islands with a romantic candlelight dinner arranged by the seaside under the stars and the swaying palm trees.

Take a submarine ride

 The Whale submarine ride in Maldives provides the most fascinating and unique experience to the newlywed couples.Book a ride for just the two of you and enjoy the romantic safari ride inside the turquoise water to view the endless variety of marine life with an extraordinary array of colors and vibrant fishes.The ruins of a shipwreck in the sea add additional excitement to the romantic ride.

 Book a night in Rangai Island Resort

Rangali island resort has an aquarium restaurant which can be quickly converted to a uber romantic and luxurious dwelling for the couples to spend the most intimate night amidst the magical aquamarine creatures.A night with your beloved in the lap of nature with an exclusive wine in hand converts the mundane trip to a perfect honeymoon trip for the newlyweds.

Visit the glowing Beach

Vadhoo Island of Maldives has the most amazing view at the night with its bioluminescent beach.The couples can feel the warm water of the crystal clear sea under their feet and romance in the magic of the dazzling sea of stars.

It is stunning to put the footprints in the sand and witness the impressions glow like a neon display due to the sea sparkles.Nothing can beat the love experienced by the honeymoon couples in this beach.


Sightseeing in Male

Male is the capital island of Maldives and a place of historic and cultural importance.For the couples looking for exciting sightseeing, Male is a must visit place in Maldives.Male has its own distinctive aura with narrow streets colorful houses, interesting graffiti, skyscrapers and the work of modern indigenous architecture.The couples can marvel the picturesque beauty of various attractions in Male like the Friday mosque, the national museum, sultan park and much more such tourists attractions.

Maldives is a perfect place with unlimited tranquility and charm.

The alluring sea beaches, the curved palm trees caressed by the blowing wind, the vivid marine life and the endless list of activities to indulge in, Maldives is a perfect Honeymoon spot for the newlyweds.Away from the hustle bustle of the city to the land of seclusion and privacy, no other place can be as beautiful as Maldives. Book your Maldives Honeymoon tour package and live your dream of an exotic honeymoon here.

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