Why Bali is your ideal honeymoon destination

Why Bali is your ideal honeymoon destination

ideal honeymoon destination: Do you wish to spend some quiet time walking hand in hand with your partner gazing at the lovely sunset over the calm beach of Indian Ocean? Or do you wish to enjoy the lush green beauty while looking into the eyes of your partner? How about indulging in some couple massages and getting pampered from head to toe? Wouldn’t it be lovely to enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner with succulent fresh food in Bali’s fine restaurants? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could do all these at one destination?

No wonder Bali is known as the island of Gods as it offers you luxury, romance, breathtaking views, unique culture and adventure all bundled into one package. Make sure to book your Bali honeymoon tour package in the month of December, January or August as it is the best time to visit Bali. The average temperature ranges between 25 and 29 degree Celsius making it ideal for couples on honeymoon.

Here are top reasons why Bali makes an ideal honeymoon destination

  • The Romantic Aristocrat cruise

Treat your partner to a sophisticated evening to remember aboard the luxury catamaran. Be serenaded by the soft music while you enjoy a sumptuous five-course feast. The romantic Aristocrat caters only to right couples at on an evening making this experience exclusive and intimate. The cruise offers custom cakes, special decor and flower arrangements upon special request to make your spouse giddy with excitement.

  • Private horseback riding in Tegallalang

Enjoy the scenic beauty of lush terraced paddy fields. Trot along on your horse which is easy even for a beginner while soaking in the views of Balinese houses, refreshing rivers, bamboo forests, temples and Pura Dalem.  Visit Tegallalang early in the morning and leave refreshed with the sights of its gorgeous landscapes.

  • A swing ride like no other in Ubud

Experience a surge of adrenaline when you take a swing ride on top of a hill at Ubud. This thrilling and addictive swing ride gives you a spectacular view of Ayung River, a mini waterfall, the beautiful terraced rice fields, mount Agung and sweeping views of the jungle. This adrenaline-pumping ride is sure to make your heart pump harder when you experience it on your honeymoon.

  • Adventure rafting through the Jungle

Be game for an adventure rafting which will leave your heart thumping for more.  The 9,6 kilometer of exciting rafting will take you through the untouched Balinese rainforests where you can witness the native wildlife. Enjoy the magnificent waterfall while being serenaded by a thousand birdsongs. After the calm forest drifting the 45-degree rapids of Ayung river will leave you breathless, asking for more.

  • Tegenungan waterfall

If you are game for it then dive into the Tegenungan waterfall from a height of 15 meters for an experience of a lifetime. Enjoy a romantic bath at this perfectly flowing fresh waterfall which is dazzling with its rich green surroundings making it the favorite haunt of honeymooners.

  • Romantic dinner with a gorgeous view of the river

A view of inky blue river sprinkled with hundred twinkling candles and the sounds of wildlife at the backdrop in the twilight. How is that for romantic? Lose yourselves in this dreamy and passionate setting while relishing in an impressive Mediterranean Bistro style cuisine.

  • Explore the cultural side of artistic Ubud

Escape from the busy pace of Bali and explore the rich cultural and artistic heritage of Ubud. Spend your afternoon at the art gallery which is a testament to the artistic talent of Ubud which known as the Mecca for painters, dancers, musicians, and writers. Depending on the day of your visit treat yourself to the grand Legong dance, Ramayana ballet or Wayangkulit

  • Sunset at Tanah lot temple with a private dinner

Head to Tanah lot with a camera for a mesmerizing view of warm colors of the sunset. Visit the 7 sea temples located on the rock formation carved by the ocean waves where Tanah lot is one of them. If the tide favors you then you can walk down to the base of the temple and marvel at the architectural wonder. Dine like the Majapahit empire’s royalty at the Hotel Tugu Bali which serves a fine traditional Tugudom dinner.

  • Kintamani Batur Volcano

A trip to Bali is incomplete without a visit to Kintamani. Mount Batur is actually a volcanic caldera. Organize a trek to the top early in the morning to enjoy a breathtaking sunrise and soothing green panorama. Make sure you book your Kintamani tour package online so as not to miss this Volcanic attraction

One thing that can be guaranteed at Bali is that you will never run out of places to see and activities to do. So book the best Bali tour package for honeymoon and make long-lasting memories with your loved one.

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