Best Honeymoon Destinations in Andamans

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Andamans

 What could be a better place to start off a romantic journey than an island? Surrounded by water and lush greenery, away from the pollution and chaos of metros. Doesn’t that sound fun?  One of such amazing Best Honeymoon Destinations in Andamans. Popularly known as Andamans, this is a group of islands with turquoise waters and crystal-clear beachfront.The lovely atmosphere has the potential not only to relax the newlywed couple but also to rejuvenate them to start off a fresh life together.

Immaculate and sparkling beaches, marine life, underwater sea walk on the sea bed, seafood to impress your taste buds, water surfing, boating and a lot more to do in the soft and calm ambiance. A view of the sunset at the beach is one of the favorite things couples would do other than walking along the beaches hand in hand.

You need not travel abroad to enjoy the best sparkling beaches. Budget honeymoon packages to Andaman can be booked to enjoy the best of sea and sunshine right within India.

Below are the best honeymoon destinations in Andamans

  1. Port Blair: The capital city of Andaman, Port Blair is home to the famous jail Kala Pani. Visit the light and sound show here to witness some great pieces of history. Port Blair is your starting point to reach to all other destinations. It is well connected to all parts of India by flight. You can choose to fly to any of the major metros and take a flight to PortBlair. Delhi to Andaman honeymoon tour packages are available and you can access an expert designed itinerary to make the best of your trip.
  2. Havelock island: It is the largest island among all others on Havelock and boasts of the most breathtaking beaches. The Radhanagar beach here is the best beach in Asia with lovely big waves and amazing sunsets. You must visit Havelock on your trip to Andaman.
  3. Little Andaman Island: Home to Elephants, Little Andaman Island is located 120 km away from Port Blair by sea. Elephant training, Elephant Safari, Elephant lumbering, Elephant calves training are the major attractions here. You get to see white sandy beaches, waterfalls and can go boating through the creeks along with some surfing over the beaches. There is a surfing Institute also located in the little Andaman Island. Every couple will enjoy the gurgling White Surf waterfall and Whisper wave Waterfall. Butler Bay and Harminder Bay is a must visit the place to enjoy the sunset with your loved one. With an evergreen rain forest, this island is home to rich biodiversity.
  4. Cinque Island: Feel the romance amidst unusual marine life with corals all around. Cinque island is uninhabited, so it’s only the two of you on a dinner date under the cool night sky. It is connected with the Sand Bar and is strikingly divided in north and south. Complete relaxation can be achieved by unwinding yourselves on the white sandy beach. A perfect place to experience privacy, Cinque Island is your best bet to have those private moments during your honeymoon. The Rocky islets will blow you off your feet with their charm. Indulge in some fishing for a taste of adventure.
  5. Diglipur: Diglipur is the largest town in the Andaman Archipelago. If you are an environment enthusiast, then you will surely love this place famous for oranges, rice, and marine life. The highest point here is the Saddle Peak. The only river of Andaman, Kalpong flows here and is famous for spectacular views. The true innocence of village life can be experienced here. Ram Nagar beach or Lamiya Bay, Alfred Caves, The Ross and Smith Island are the other places to visit in Diglipur.
  6. Mayabunder: First on the list of places to visit for a honeymooner is this beautiful location, Mayabunder with Mangroves creeks, beaches and panoramic views from the top. Sparkling clean water, soft sand, and a calm atmosphere can be found at Karmatang beach to spend some memorable moments. A perfect place to leave behind all worries and start afresh in a serene ambiance. You can find some Burmese Karen tribes spread out here who were brought here by the British as cheap labor and hence they still exist here showcasing their culture.
  7. Baratang Island: Located in between middle and South Andaman, Long Island as the name suggests is known for its mangrove creeks, mud volcanoes, and a limestone The limestone Cave is a great place to visit but you need to take permission from the forest department due to the archeological heritage. While on a honeymoon you must visit the parrot island where hundreds of parrots flock together and make for a spectacular view for the loved ones. The Trunk road to Rangat and Mayabunder goes through this Island and it will be on the way for you to visit it.
  8. Rangat: One of the largest Islands in Andamans is Rangat, it is known to win over the young hearts with its splendid beaches, pristine waterfalls, and islands. A group of tiny villages, Rangat has mainly people from Tamil Nadu and Kerala. An Indian couple will feel at home considering the culture. Amkunj Beach and Cuthbert Bay beach are the main attractions with powdery sand and clear waters.

Enjoy every moment of your honeymoon tour in Andaman by enjoying beaches and marine life away from the chaos of cities. Frame those beautiful moments clicked in the picturesque islands. A romantic experience is guaranteed when you plan to visit Andaman for a honeymoon. Book Andaman tour packages and get ready to experience untouched natural delights and bliss with your new-found love.You may choose to visit only a few places out of these for each place has a rich experience to offer. You may choose to customize your package or go with a preset itinerary that works great too.


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