List of things to do in Kerala on your honeymoon

Kerala on your honeymoon

List of things to do in Kerala on your honeymoon

Kerala on your honeymoon Start your journey of love with an unforgettable trip to God’s own country. With calm beaches, romantic houseboats, adrenaline pumping activities and scintillating views of tea gardens, Kerala is the best place to experience a dream honeymoon vacation. Find the top honeymoon tour and trip packages to Kerala with your spouse to mark the beginning of your married life.

Here is a list of activities which are bound to mesmerize you as you bask in love at this captivating destination:

  • Enjoy an Ayurvedic massage as a couple.

Give your body a much-needed relaxation after all the running around during your wedding. Pamper yourselves with the romantic couple massage at the Ayurvedic spa centers in Kerala. This intimate couple massage with reliving you of all the old pains n tiredness and make you zealous to start your honeymoon with seamless adventure.

  • Trek the Chembra peak

Take your partner on a surprise trek to the misty hills of Chembra peak. Once you reach the top treat your spouse to the heart-shaped lake which has been witness to many a love stories. The dreamy clouds, lush greenery and a spectacular view of the heart-shaped lake with your love is an experience to remember. Chembra peak is ranked as a must-visit destination for all the honeymooners in Kerala.

  • Enjoy a romantic stay on the luxurious houseboats

The houseboats in the scenic backwatersKumarakom and Alleppey give you the ultimate romantic experience. The plush ambiance, calm waters, sumptuous food, personal butler services are an experience to take for sure.

  • Attend a Snake boat race

Be a witness to the electrifying snake boat race that takes place during the months of August and September. Especially during Onam the calm waters of Kerala brim with excitement by virtue of thousands of participants. Rent a boat and witness these majestic 130 feet long boats race each other.

  • Ride a bike on the romantic hills of Idukki

Housed in the scenic summits of WesternghatsIdukki has rare flora, fauna and architectural wonders. Take your partner through this scenic route on a bike ride and enjoy complete privacy in these mesmerizing hills. Plan a lifetime of togetherness at the Thommankuthu falls, IlaveezhaPoonchira, Gavi and Nandukki which have to be on your list as you visit Idukki.

  • Elephant Safari at Periyar Wildlife reserve

Feel like a king and queen riding on an elephant riding on a peaceful elephant. The adventurous ride takes you inside the beautiful forest. The Periyar wildlife reserve has many species of birds and mammals and if you are lucky you can spot the majestic tiger on your unforgettable elephant trip.

  • Paraglide at Munnar

Give wings to your dreams and soar over the breathtaking Munnar hills. Put aside your fear and trust your paragliding pilot who will take you on a thrilling ride. A bird’s eye view of the lush green plantations of Munnar is a wondrous sight to behold.

  • Welcome the sunset at Kovalam Beach

Kovalam beach will entice you with itsHawah beach, Samudra beach and the postcard-perfect lighthouse beach. The star attraction lighthouse will be open between 3-5pm. After exploring the lighthouse head to one of the lovely beaches of Kovalam to welcome a picture-perfect sunset.

  • Spend a night at the island paradise of Poovar

The floating cottages of Poovar are out of this world. Located on the emerald green backwaters waters and lined with palm trees along the shore Poovar is indeed the dream paradise of every romantic soul. No doubt this will be the best way to spend your evenings watching the colorful sunset and starry honeymoon nights in Kerala.

  • Visit the Niagara Falls of India

The majestic 80 feet Athirapally falls well known as Niagara falls of India is a treat to behold. Nestled in the Athirapally forest with rich flora and fauna a visit to Athirapally will bewitch you with its wild beauty. Trek to this falls with your spouse to make the best of this natural offering.

  • Stay in a treehouse

Lose yourself in the reminiscence of your childhood by staying in a treehouse. Kerala features a plethora of tree houses at Wayanad, Munnar, Athirapally, and Thekkady. Indulge in adventure activities like rappelling, rock climbing, mountain biking and nature walks at these tree houses. The tree houses here are built in such a way that you will feel like you are spending the nights right in the lap of nature.

  • Bathe an elephant

Imagine giving a bath to an elephant, playing with baby elephants, feeding them and taking an elephant safari. You can indulge in all these activities at the Kodanad elephant sanctuary. Connect with each other in a very special way while appreciating the joy of playfulness of this gentle beast.

  • Enjoy bird watching

Kumarakom bird sanctuary and Thettekad bird sanctuary are the perfect places for you love birds. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the rich avian population in Kerala. Enjoy the chirping and cooing of birds here like the Nilgiri wood pigeon, White-belliedTreepie, Grey-headed Bulbul, Malabar Parakeet, Malabar Grey Hornbill, Wynaadlaughing thrush, Nilgiri flycatcher, Malabar Lark etc. Don’t forget to capture these beauties in your camera too.

  • Witness the local art forms

Kerala is famous for its numerous art forms. Experience the local dances like Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Thiruvathira, and Theyyam. Marvel at the gorgeous costumes of Kathakali and Theyyam and the even more fascinating dance. Mohiniyattam and Thiruvathira are gentle dance forms performed by the women of Kerala. Watch the magnificent martial art form of Kalaripayattu. If you get lucky you can get a chance to dress up in the costumes and get photographed to make for a memorable souvenir.

There is never going to be a dull moment in Kerala with so many activities to do and places to visit. Indeed Kerala is one of the best honeymoon tour packages to start your journey of togetherness on a positive note. Whether you are looking for some quiet romance or heart-throbbing adventure, a good time in Kerala will not disappoint you. Kerala is definitely one of the top 10 honeymoon destinations that you must visit to begin your new life with love and charm.

Why Bali is your ideal honeymoon destination

ideal honeymoon destination

Why Bali is your ideal honeymoon destination

ideal honeymoon destination: Do you wish to spend some quiet time walking hand in hand with your partner gazing at the lovely sunset over the calm beach of Indian Ocean? Or do you wish to enjoy the lush green beauty while looking into the eyes of your partner? How about indulging in some couple massages and getting pampered from head to toe? Wouldn’t it be lovely to enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner with succulent fresh food in Bali’s fine restaurants? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could do all these at one destination?

No wonder Bali is known as the island of Gods as it offers you luxury, romance, breathtaking views, unique culture and adventure all bundled into one package. Make sure to book your Bali honeymoon tour package in the month of December, January or August as it is the best time to visit Bali. The average temperature ranges between 25 and 29 degree Celsius making it ideal for couples on honeymoon.

Here are top reasons why Bali makes an ideal honeymoon destination

  • The Romantic Aristocrat cruise

Treat your partner to a sophisticated evening to remember aboard the luxury catamaran. Be serenaded by the soft music while you enjoy a sumptuous five-course feast. The romantic Aristocrat caters only to right couples at on an evening making this experience exclusive and intimate. The cruise offers custom cakes, special decor and flower arrangements upon special request to make your spouse giddy with excitement.

  • Private horseback riding in Tegallalang

Enjoy the scenic beauty of lush terraced paddy fields. Trot along on your horse which is easy even for a beginner while soaking in the views of Balinese houses, refreshing rivers, bamboo forests, temples and Pura Dalem.  Visit Tegallalang early in the morning and leave refreshed with the sights of its gorgeous landscapes.

  • A swing ride like no other in Ubud

Experience a surge of adrenaline when you take a swing ride on top of a hill at Ubud. This thrilling and addictive swing ride gives you a spectacular view of Ayung River, a mini waterfall, the beautiful terraced rice fields, mount Agung and sweeping views of the jungle. This adrenaline-pumping ride is sure to make your heart pump harder when you experience it on your honeymoon.

  • Adventure rafting through the Jungle

Be game for an adventure rafting which will leave your heart thumping for more.  The 9,6 kilometer of exciting rafting will take you through the untouched Balinese rainforests where you can witness the native wildlife. Enjoy the magnificent waterfall while being serenaded by a thousand birdsongs. After the calm forest drifting the 45-degree rapids of Ayung river will leave you breathless, asking for more.

  • Tegenungan waterfall

If you are game for it then dive into the Tegenungan waterfall from a height of 15 meters for an experience of a lifetime. Enjoy a romantic bath at this perfectly flowing fresh waterfall which is dazzling with its rich green surroundings making it the favorite haunt of honeymooners.

  • Romantic dinner with a gorgeous view of the river

A view of inky blue river sprinkled with hundred twinkling candles and the sounds of wildlife at the backdrop in the twilight. How is that for romantic? Lose yourselves in this dreamy and passionate setting while relishing in an impressive Mediterranean Bistro style cuisine.

  • Explore the cultural side of artistic Ubud

Escape from the busy pace of Bali and explore the rich cultural and artistic heritage of Ubud. Spend your afternoon at the art gallery which is a testament to the artistic talent of Ubud which known as the Mecca for painters, dancers, musicians, and writers. Depending on the day of your visit treat yourself to the grand Legong dance, Ramayana ballet or Wayangkulit

  • Sunset at Tanah lot temple with a private dinner

Head to Tanah lot with a camera for a mesmerizing view of warm colors of the sunset. Visit the 7 sea temples located on the rock formation carved by the ocean waves where Tanah lot is one of them. If the tide favors you then you can walk down to the base of the temple and marvel at the architectural wonder. Dine like the Majapahit empire’s royalty at the Hotel Tugu Bali which serves a fine traditional Tugudom dinner.

  • Kintamani Batur Volcano

A trip to Bali is incomplete without a visit to Kintamani. Mount Batur is actually a volcanic caldera. Organize a trek to the top early in the morning to enjoy a breathtaking sunrise and soothing green panorama. Make sure you book your Kintamani tour package online so as not to miss this Volcanic attraction

One thing that can be guaranteed at Bali is that you will never run out of places to see and activities to do. So book the best Bali tour package for honeymoon and make long-lasting memories with your loved one.

Memorable Honeymoon in Goa

honeymoon in Goa

Your guide to a memorable honeymoon in Goa

What do you need after the seemingly endless hassles and memorable honeymoon in Goa from your wedding, that just came to a halt? A little relaxation? Probably, a lot of suns kissed beaches, some adventure under and over the water, palm trees surrounding the entire vicinity. The answer to this picturesque fantasy is Goa. This place has everything sorted from the “H” until the “N” of your honeymoon.Trust us, it’s not going to let your dream of a perfect beginning fall apart.This time would most likely not come again in your lives, why not make the most of it. From leisure to adventure, from shopping to gambling, Goa has a lot to offer and help you create infinite memories even if you forget to carry your camera along. From enjoying the absorbing sound of the waves to the melodious chirping of the birds, you have a lot to explore and witness here.

Let’s help you navigate through a memorable and a mesmerizing honeymoon that you can have at one of the best places in this world. Book Goa honeymoon tour packages today and get ready to experience everything mentioned below:

Get pampered together

How about getting coddled together? Get indulged into some blissful massage. Most likely, you’ve been under stress during the last few days due to the wedding preparations. So, we have some great news about Goa. This place has amazing spas for you to feel loved and relaxed together. A variety of couple massages are available and you would surely get some special treatment when you are on your honeymoon. So, don’t miss it and add that extra oomph to your special holiday.

Treat your eyes with the delightful sunset

Sitting together on a rock at a fort or on a beach, you surely don’t want to miss the mesmerizing sunset Goa has to offer you. The sunset will surely take your breath away and why not grab the opportunity to just hold each other tight under the abundant magical red sky. It doesn’t sound less than a dream, does it? Fort Aguada in Goa is one of the best places where you can relish an enchanting sunset and also take some lovely photographs.

Ink yourself together for the sake of love

Permanent or temporary, pick your option to get inked together. Add that extra charm to your honeymoon as your love has to stay forever regardless of the tattoo. So, why not trying out getting a tattoo that you have desired for long. You will surely have some exciting stories to share later in your life.

Don’t miss those pretty twinkling stars

The beaches have more to offer than just a view of the sea. Choose any nearby beach, Miramar or Baga, Anjuna or Candolim. Take a stroll together or get seated on the beach to look at those tiny twinkles in the sky. Or you could spend the day sharing a drink or getting your feet wet and soiled along the beach

Explore some adventure together

You surely want to try out some real adventure together along with the romantic activities you are immersed in. So, why not take a deep dive or do some para sailing together at the famous beaches of Goa. After all, what’s a great honeymoon without some incredible adventure?

The love for candle light dinners

You will be amazed to see some romantic ambiances that the shacks at some beaches have to offer. You need not get to an expensive hotel to enjoy a candle light dinner. Some of the shacks have special arrangements for you to enjoy a candle light dinner while being seated on the beach looking at the sea. Now that is what a budget honeymoon to Goa looks like.

Gamble and dance all night.

Goa has a variety of discotheques and casinos for you to have some fun time. Even if you are not a serious gambler, you can surely try it out once with your lady luck.You never know you might get lucky.Music, drinks, party, this place has all that you can imagine enjoying some fun time together.

The night markets

World class markets that have visitors from all across the globe have some amazing colorful cultural stalls that you surely can’t afford to miss. From hippy stuff to some great art pics, you would be awestruck with the variety at these night markets.

Rent a houseboat

Doesn’t it sound immensely passionate sailing on the river? You can hire a boat for a day or two just for you two to enjoy the gorgeous view from the boat. The boats have staff at your disposal so let the romance flow with the water.

Drive it down together to the nearby waterfalls

Apart from the stunning beaches, Goa has some beautiful waterfalls in the vicinity. The spellbinding view will not fail your long drive that you just took to reach these waterfalls.

Booking a package is even easier if you are in the capital. Book Delhi to goa honeymoon package today and begin your journey to together.

Best honeymoon destinations

Best honeymoon destinations in Maldives

Best honeymoon destinations in Maldives

Best honeymoon destinations in MaldivesThe first thoughts of marriage are often accompanied by thoughts of an exquisite honeymoon. One often dreams greatly about the ideal honeymoon. A starry night and a long romantic walk with your better half on a romantic eve is just a little glimpse from the dreams.

Now imagine being taken to an island where you can fulfill your passionate dreams and fantasies. Living in the sunshine, swimming in the vast sea and gulping the wild air, is all you want to experience on your much-awaited honeymoon!

To make it easier we have jotted down few great and cherishable places in Maldives for a honeymoon where you can enjoy your every romantic moment.

Dive amongst the Gazillion Reefs

An enriching adventure is a great kick start to your dreamy honeymoon in Maldives. Dive amidst the Gazillion reefs and experience the ultramarine waters. To deepen your love bond every couple should dive into the sea life. You can even choose snorkeling and encounter the eagle rays, colorful fishes, dolphins, and turtles.

Ari Atoll and Tewa Stross are few great places that offer opportunities to dive.    

A tour of the islands

Approximately 200 islands are inhabited islands dotting the alluring Maldives. Malè is a beautiful and captivating city to pay a visit that is also the capital of Maldives. It is considered as one of the most exotic and best places Best honeymoon destinations in Maldives Around 80 luxurious resorts stand as lovely romantic spots in Malè. These splendid resorts offer a perfect opportunity for leisure and romance to the newly wed couples in their private paradise.

Experience a romantic massage

Complement the relaxation of the beach with a rejuvenating spa or body massage. You can also opt for couple spa for a romantic experience. It not only rejuvenates your body but also builds the love and relaxation in you for your partner and is a great stress relief from the fatigue of marriage ceremonies.

It is one of the recommended and best things to do in Maldives. Try out the spas at the following for a memorable experience: Six senses Laamu

PER AQUUM Huvafen Fushi

Relax yourselves with the Maldives special native virgin coconut oil over a calming pavilion by enjoying the breathtaking view of the purring and azure waters touching the shores.

Snoop the Underwater

Plan a mesmerizing date with your partner underwater. This is the most amazing and adventurous activity to indulge in while you are in Maldives. The very famous Ithaa underwater aquarium and Rangali islands are popular amongst all honeymoon destinations. These hotels have been incredibly transformed their restaurant area with pleasing romantic bedrooms. They serve champagnes with an inviting morning breakfast spread.

Ride a submarine

Visiting Maldives and not indulging in the pleasures of a submarine ride, isn’t a good idea. Submarine rides add a new vigor and a rush adrenaline to your romantic honeymoon. You get to explore the enormity of sea life sitting inside a submarine.

One gets to explore sea creatures and shipwrecks during your descending adventure in the blue water. Book a ride in Whale Submarine at Malè, Maldives.

A tour to historical sites

The history of Maldives boasts royalty. The National Museum in Maldives is one such historical testimonial that you must visit with your partner. Amidst the beautiful tombs and minarets, you feel like Sultan and queen taking a tour in their place. The ancient Friday Mosque offers a captivating view and transports you to the Pre-World War-I Palace. This grand site now houses presidential offices.

Visit the Glow In Dark beaches

Tantalize and twitch your senses by visiting the enticing glow in dark beaches of the Maldives. Take your loved ones once to these beaches and stroll in the starry night and glowing beaches at night.

These beaches glow due to some light emitting living organism present that is also known as bioluminescent bacteria and resembles fireflies. Witnessing this amazing scene of nature is one of the loveliest and memorable things to do in Maldives.

Row a private boat

A honeymoon at Maldives is incomplete without staying at the Gili Lankanfushi resort. This isle offers a private boat for the couples to experience the splendid blue water of Maldives. 

Float in the luxury

The safari boats in Maldives are termed as floating luxury. Explore the tiny uninhabited islands in the vast ocean. Holding hands and experiencing the splashes at the hull is one of the best things to do during your honeymoon.

Sunset cruising

Anantara Kihava and Dhiggiri Sunset point offer a great experience of the dawn. Relish the enchanting view with your partner.

Maldives is one of the best honeymoon destinations for a romantic retreat. All newly wed couples must pack their bags and enjoy the freshness of the Maldives.

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Andamans

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Andamans

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Andamans

 What could be a better place to start off a romantic journey than an island? Surrounded by water and lush greenery, away from the pollution and chaos of metros. Doesn’t that sound fun?  One of such amazing Best Honeymoon Destinations in Andamans. Popularly known as Andamans, this is a group of islands with turquoise waters and crystal-clear beachfront.The lovely atmosphere has the potential not only to relax the newlywed couple but also to rejuvenate them to start off a fresh life together.

Immaculate and sparkling beaches, marine life, underwater sea walk on the sea bed, seafood to impress your taste buds, water surfing, boating and a lot more to do in the soft and calm ambiance. A view of the sunset at the beach is one of the favorite things couples would do other than walking along the beaches hand in hand.

You need not travel abroad to enjoy the best sparkling beaches. Budget honeymoon packages to Andaman can be booked to enjoy the best of sea and sunshine right within India.

Below are the best honeymoon destinations in Andamans

  1. Port Blair: The capital city of Andaman, Port Blair is home to the famous jail Kala Pani. Visit the light and sound show here to witness some great pieces of history. Port Blair is your starting point to reach to all other destinations. It is well connected to all parts of India by flight. You can choose to fly to any of the major metros and take a flight to PortBlair. Delhi to Andaman honeymoon tour packages are available and you can access an expert designed itinerary to make the best of your trip.
  2. Havelock island: It is the largest island among all others on Havelock and boasts of the most breathtaking beaches. The Radhanagar beach here is the best beach in Asia with lovely big waves and amazing sunsets. You must visit Havelock on your trip to Andaman.
  3. Little Andaman Island: Home to Elephants, Little Andaman Island is located 120 km away from Port Blair by sea. Elephant training, Elephant Safari, Elephant lumbering, Elephant calves training are the major attractions here. You get to see white sandy beaches, waterfalls and can go boating through the creeks along with some surfing over the beaches. There is a surfing Institute also located in the little Andaman Island. Every couple will enjoy the gurgling White Surf waterfall and Whisper wave Waterfall. Butler Bay and Harminder Bay is a must visit the place to enjoy the sunset with your loved one. With an evergreen rain forest, this island is home to rich biodiversity.
  4. Cinque Island: Feel the romance amidst unusual marine life with corals all around. Cinque island is uninhabited, so it’s only the two of you on a dinner date under the cool night sky. It is connected with the Sand Bar and is strikingly divided in north and south. Complete relaxation can be achieved by unwinding yourselves on the white sandy beach. A perfect place to experience privacy, Cinque Island is your best bet to have those private moments during your honeymoon. The Rocky islets will blow you off your feet with their charm. Indulge in some fishing for a taste of adventure.
  5. Diglipur: Diglipur is the largest town in the Andaman Archipelago. If you are an environment enthusiast, then you will surely love this place famous for oranges, rice, and marine life. The highest point here is the Saddle Peak. The only river of Andaman, Kalpong flows here and is famous for spectacular views. The true innocence of village life can be experienced here. Ram Nagar beach or Lamiya Bay, Alfred Caves, The Ross and Smith Island are the other places to visit in Diglipur.
  6. Mayabunder: First on the list of places to visit for a honeymooner is this beautiful location, Mayabunder with Mangroves creeks, beaches and panoramic views from the top. Sparkling clean water, soft sand, and a calm atmosphere can be found at Karmatang beach to spend some memorable moments. A perfect place to leave behind all worries and start afresh in a serene ambiance. You can find some Burmese Karen tribes spread out here who were brought here by the British as cheap labor and hence they still exist here showcasing their culture.
  7. Baratang Island: Located in between middle and South Andaman, Long Island as the name suggests is known for its mangrove creeks, mud volcanoes, and a limestone The limestone Cave is a great place to visit but you need to take permission from the forest department due to the archeological heritage. While on a honeymoon you must visit the parrot island where hundreds of parrots flock together and make for a spectacular view for the loved ones. The Trunk road to Rangat and Mayabunder goes through this Island and it will be on the way for you to visit it.
  8. Rangat: One of the largest Islands in Andamans is Rangat, it is known to win over the young hearts with its splendid beaches, pristine waterfalls, and islands. A group of tiny villages, Rangat has mainly people from Tamil Nadu and Kerala. An Indian couple will feel at home considering the culture. Amkunj Beach and Cuthbert Bay beach are the main attractions with powdery sand and clear waters.

Enjoy every moment of your honeymoon tour in Andaman by enjoying beaches and marine life away from the chaos of cities. Frame those beautiful moments clicked in the picturesque islands. A romantic experience is guaranteed when you plan to visit Andaman for a honeymoon. Book Andaman tour packages and get ready to experience untouched natural delights and bliss with your new-found love.You may choose to visit only a few places out of these for each place has a rich experience to offer. You may choose to customize your package or go with a preset itinerary that works great too.


Mauritius honeymoon tours | Best Honeymoon Tour

Mauritius honeymoon tours

Mauritius honeymoon tours- An unforgettable experience

Mauritius honeymoon tours After months of extensive planning and stressing on getting everything right for your dream wedding, it is finally time for your honeymoon. If you have picked Mauritius as your honeymoon destination you are guaranteed to have the best romantic experience sure to enchant you for a lifetime. From cruising on the Casela to exploring the Chamarel, Mauritius gives you ample opportunity to create romance diving right into the dreamy eyes of your sweetheart and relishing the pristine blue lagoons that you will find here. The best time to visit Mauritius is from April to June or September to December. You can avoid February and March as the rainfall can play spoilsport and you may have to skip many activities.
Delhi to Mauritius honeymoon tour packages are available round the year and you can choose one based on your choice and time of travel.
Here are the top six must visit destinations in Mauritius that will make your honeymoon a memorable on Mauritius

Mauritius honeymoon tours

1. Tandem Skydive in Mauritius.

You will receive a brief training on the ground and your flight will take off from the Sugar Fields of Mon Loisir which in itself is magnificent offering you a breathtaking view of the romantic blue lagoons and the spectacular reefs stretching into the Indian Ocean.

The total duration of this skydiving experience is one hour. You will be flown for 25 minutes to a height of 10000ft where you can soak in the beauty that makes Mauritius a paradise. The flight offers you a 360-degree bird’s eye view of Mauritius where you can revel in the romantic scenery of the mountains, inland and coasts of Mauritius before your jump at 200km/hr. The adrenaline rush is sure to keep your heart beating even harder for your love.

2. Casela champagne breakfast cruise

Nothing spells romance like champagne and cruise put together. Enjoy cruising early in the morning in this luxurious electric boat on the west coast of Mauritius.

After skydiving from 10000ft, dive into the magical waters and snorkel to your heart’s content. You can also swim with the dolphins which surely is a once in a lifetime experience and memories that you will fondly remember with your sweetheart.

This 3-hour cruise also offers you a sumptuous breakfast of salmon roulade, fresh juice, pastries, sparkling wine, tea, and coffee.

You will get shower facility at the end of your cruise and complimentary entry and complimentary transfer to Casela World of adventures.

3. Explore the Chamarel

Chamarel also called as the ‘Seven colored Earth’ is an uneven volcanic surface that is a natural phenomenon. The colors have evolved from the basaltic lava into clay minerals.

The village here appears to have sand dunes with a mix of purple, brown, violet, green, blue, yellow and red. This little village in south Mauritius is one of the most famous attractions that Mauritius has to offer. Chamarel also houses the highest waterfall in Mauritius. Visit this place for a visual high.

4. Treasure Island

A picturesque Island called the Ile aux cuffs beckons you with its tempting delights of walking hand in hand on the white sandy beaches along the dreamy turquoise waters.

You can relax with your partner under the palm trees and titillate your partner’s taste buds with a romantic barbeque or take your partner on a gastronomic and visual delight to the candle light dinner on the terrace with a view of the harbor. Nothing spells romance like a lovely candle light dinner by the ocean.

For the more adventurous couples, this island also offers para sailing.

5. Pamplemousses Botanical Garden.

Take a romantic walk with your partner in the lush landscape which is the oldest of its kind botanical garden. It is located in the southern hemisphere of Mauritius. This garden houses more than 85varieties of palm trees and lovely fish ponds which are bound to give you and your partner a break from the bustle and a chance to reconnect with nature and with each other.

Grand Bassin or Ganga Talao

The perfect location to wind up your honeymoon tour is a visit to the Grand Bassin. Grand Bassin is a crater lake which is located almost 1800 feet above sea level high up in the mountains. This is a must visit the place as it has an interesting legend behind the name Ganga Talao.

Apparently a Hindu priest Pandit JhummomGiriGossagne Nepal saw a lake in his dream which was connected to the sacred Ganges. The priest began searching for the lake which he saw in his dreams and finally arrived at the Grand Bassin and immediately recognized it as the lake from his dream and it gained popularity as a sacred lake.

Later a priest from India brought some water from the Ganges and poured it into the Grand Bassin crater lake with a ceremony and from them on this has been christened the Ganga Talao where Talao means pool.

This sacred lake is surrounded by Hindu temples and Gods. This is one of the most important pilgrimage centers for Hindus outside India.

Mauritius is a lovely destination that is sure to give you unlimited moments of pure love amidst breathtaking beauty. Your honeymoon needs to be special and Mauritius will make sure that it is. And guess what you need not spend a fortune to live those moments. Budget honeymoon packages to Mauritius are available and let you enjoy the serenity even in a constricted budget. it’s enough in this Mauritius honeymoon tours to catch you in next blog